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Host a tea party for Sweet October

This October, host a tea party for Sweet October and raise funds to provide vital care and support for New Zealanders with incurable breast cancer.

You could host a fancy high tea, a laid back “pie” tea, a fun morning tea or even a Mad Hatter’s tea party. The most important thing is to have fun and embrace the Sweet October sugar rush!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 13 October is Metastatic Breast Cancer Day – a day to raise awareness of incurable, metastatic cancer.

At Sweet Louise, we believe no one should have to face a diagnosis of incurable breast cancer alone – and with your help, we can make this happen.

The money you raise through your Sweet October event will provide the practical kindness that Kiwis and their families urgently need, including:

  • Specialised, personal, one-to-one care from a local Support Coordinator
  • Face-to-face and online support groups, providing vital peer support
  • Support with ready-made meals and home help
  • Vouchers for self-care services such as massages and other well-being treatments
  • Emergency vouchers for food and transport costs for hospital visits
  • Family Time service to create precious memories for families with young children

Together, we can be there for every person facing incurable breast cancer.

That's women like Mailene who shares her story in the video below.

Bake it your own in 5 easy steps!

Step 1:

Register now and set up your personal Sweet October fundraising page.

Step 2:

Decide what kind of event you would like to host – a high tea with pretty cakes and treats, a pie tea with satisfying pies and mugs of tea, a fun morning tea, or put the “tea” in team with an office tea party!

Step 3:

Pick a date and time during October that works for you and start inviting your guests. Find all the help you need to make you Sweet October a great success with our online resources at

Step 4:

Bake up a storm. Or if you can’t stand the sweet and want to get out of the kitchen, ask your guests to bring a plate. Whatever you do you’ll be doing your bit to help our vital work.

Step 5:

Get your par-tea started!

More about Sweet Louise

  • Sweet Louise is the only charitable organisation in New Zealand dedicated to supporting women and men living with incurable breast cancer.
  • Sweet Louise currently supports over 730 Kiwis with incurable breast cancer right across New Zealand.
  • Approximately 3000 people a year are diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Almost 30% of people diagnosed with primary breast cancer will go on to develop incurable breast cancer.
  • Once diagnosed with incurable breast cancer, the average life expectancy in New Zealand is less than two years. Whilst the cancer cannot be cured, in many cases, it is treatable. With the right care and support, people with incurable breast cancer can continue to live a positive and productive life.
  • Over half of the women Sweet Louise supports are under the age of 59 and many of them have children under the age of 18.
  • Each year we hold over 200 meetings across NZ so women can connect with each other for vital peer-to-peer support

Thank you for bringing practical kindness and care to New Zealanders with incurable breast cancer, helping them to live as well as possible, for as long as possible.

Putting the ‘tea’ in generosity: where your money goes


can help provide a freezer full of healthy, ready-made meals for a mum struggling with pain or fatigue


can provide a week of meal deliveries for a whole family


can provide vouchers for petrol or transport to hospital appointments


can provide a special family day to create precious memories that children will treasure forever


will enable women to meet with each other to share experiences and know that they are not alone


can provide essentials like meal deliveries and home help for a mum going through treatment or struggling with pain or fatigue  


can provide essentials like meal deliveries, transport and home help for five women


can fund a specialist Support Coordinator with experience in oncology and palliative care to provide one-to-one support for over a hundred women for two months.

Have your cake and eat it too – easy ways to make your fundraising a sweet success!

The more money you raise, the more support you’ll be able to provide to people facing incurable breast cancer. Over the years, we’ve found these great tips will help you make the most of your fundraising:
Brand it up

Check out the Sweet October materials and information at to make your event look and sound great! If you think you’ll need something more, contact us on 0800 793 385 or email

Shout about it

A bit of buzz always helps get the support rolling in. Tell your family, friends and colleagues what you’re doing by email and on social media. Let people know what Sweet Louise do and tell them why you personally want to raise funds for our work – you’ll inspire people to support you! Let people know they can still donate to your fundraising page even if they can’t attend your event

You could try asking your local newspaper or radio station for a shout-out as well. If you would like support with approaching your local media, get in touch with us at

Ask your employer

Some organisations will match your personal donations or money you raise for charity. It’s an easy way to double your money. Check with your employer or HR department to find out if that’s something they’ll offer.

Get social

Post about your fundraising on social media – and make sure you tag @sweetlouiseNZ on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to see your photos and updates. Here are a few key hashtags you could use in your posts: #sweetlouise #sweetoctober #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth #advancedbreastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer

Boost your online fundraising

Everydayhero fundraising pages are a great way to accept donations, track how much you’ve raised and keep your supporters updated.

Here are some tried and tested tips to make your fundraising page work for you:

  • Personalise your page so everyone knows what you’re doing and why you’re fundraising for Sweet Louise.
  • Include your event details such as the date and time and any extra activities you are doing for fun.
  • Add photos and give updates to keep everyone engaged. You could share recipe ideas or let your guests know how they can contribute.
  • Don’t be modest – if you’re getting close to your target, why not increase it and see if you can raise even more?
  • Share your page on social media and remind people by posting the progress of your event.
  • Be sure to include the link to your fundraising page in everything you do!

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